Friday, May 9, 2014

The Story of an Expensive Car - No Stolen Records

You buy a new car that is worth thousands. You make a commitment of making regular payment towards the car loan. And, your car gets stolen. A nightmare! It is quite terrifying to know that someone stole your car. But, with this car, you won’t have to worry about theft. And, mind well guys, this is no worn-out, tattered used car. We are talking about Tesla model S – the car that aced the Consumer Reports owner satisfaction survey. It was also the 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year.

Tesla Model S at Detroit Auto Show
Don’t think that there is no Tesla on the road to steal. The company sold 20,000 cars last year and just three were reported stolen. In total, just four cars have been stolen since the company started production in USA. Compare it to median theft rate for all cars which is 3.58 thefts per 1000 cars. And you have your answer.

So, what are reasons of Tesla being a thief’s nightmare?
  • Cars are stolen for parts and Tesla’s parts are not very much in demand. This is because most Tesla owners can afford its parts.
  • Tesla doesn’t have the usual key. It can be opened with Key Fob only. This makes it difficult for stealing. Even if a thief steals the car by hacking the company’s network, Tesla will be able to locate the car.
  • Also, it is not practical for thieves to steal a car that runs on a battery. The charge may get over when the police are chasing them.
So, if you are worried about your car being safe in your unsafe locality, Tesla can be a nice alternative for you. Think about it.

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