Monday, April 14, 2014

The Story of a No Credit Car Buyer

The Finance Guy

Brittany is a young car buyer from Washington. Her no credit status is making her anxious. She sent her question to our e-mail address finance @ . Here’s how I helped her.

My name is Brittany. I currently don't have any credit. I am 18 and just starting to build my credit.  But i was wondering if you guys will allow me to get a loan for a car and if so how does that work? I did fill out the thing on your page but i can’t put a credit score down because i don’t have any credit. If you can email me back with some more information that’d be great.

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Initially, traditional lenders avoided providing loans to people with no credit history. But, these loans are very common today. Our company, Rapid Car Loans, does provide auto financing to young car buyers.

The procedure for applying is very simple. You need to fill the application form on the secure website. For getting approval, you should have a stable job (part-time job is okay). Your gross monthly income should be least be $1000. You can even get a co-signer and/or down payment for getting quick approval.

In reference to your question related to credit score, please select an average credit score which you think describes your situation best. As and when the company's representative contacts you, you can tell them about the no credit situation.

Rapid Car Loans is an online auto financing company. It has been serving car buyers across the nation since 2008. Our Finance Guy, Rock Watson, has been a loan consultant in the company for many years. He has worked with people with credit issues, bankruptcy, low income and everything else. He can assist you in getting a car loan. Just leave your questions/doubts/queries for him and he will help you out.


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  2. You are true when you say that auto loans are easily available today. Initially, there were limited lenders in the American auto financing industry. They demanded better credit scores and really good income. But, with the advent of online companies, the competition thickened and variety of loans increased. Not only getting bad credit or no credit financing has become easy, but the lenders have also started giving large number of alternatives on loan terms.

    Ideally, a no credit buyer should opt for a used car because it is cheaper than a new one. Also, opting for a shorter loan term is a better alternative. This way you will be able to avoid the upside down situation and increase your credit score easily.

  3. Yes i also agree with you that auto loans are easily available today. I am also planning to buy one caravan, but for this i had to apply caravan loan then only i can fulfill my Dream i think.

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