Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Up for an Auto Loan? Watch your FICO Score

If adventure and exploring are synonymous to you then venture into a brand new experience of living on the edge. How about getting a new car to follow endless roads and exploring new places? Sounds good? Then don’t wait for your savings to go up, just get an auto loan.

FICO Score Chart
Image Courtesy - myfico.com

Before getting a loan, did you check your FICO Score? Well, some of you may be new to FICO score while some may be well aware. In a layman’s language, FICO= First I(eye) Credit Overall. It means first have a look at your FICO Score to know your credit situation. It will be easy for you to get an auto loan with a good FICO Score.

A good FICO Score will get you easy loans with a low rate of interest and low monthly payments. So instead of first eyeing your dream car, shift your attention to your FICO Score. FICO Score takes time in improving so be wise and keep a check on your score six months before applying for the loan. Form a habit to review your FICO Score quarterly or half-yearly. So celebrate the arrival of your dream car with FICO Score five layered cake. The five flavors of the cake are mentioned as under:

30% - Amounts Owed

Factors such as monthly loan payments, amount owed across different types of accounts are covered under this heading.

10% - New Credit

Consumer can maintain different types of credits such as mortgage loan, credit card debts, personal loan etc.

15% - Length of Credit History

Factors like age of your oldest credit account, age of your newest credit account, duration of usage of auto loans or credit cards accounts.

10% - Credit Mix

Good credit mix depends on how you manage your different accounts (i.e.) revolving accounts, loan accounts, open accounts, etc.

35% - Payment History

Factors such as bankruptcy, late payments, repossession cause a major effect on FICO Score.

Don’t have a good FICO Score? Let’s fix it with these easy tips:

>> Are you late in paying up your bills? Then get up and pay them before the last due date runs out.

>> A credit counselor is always to your rescue if you need any help.

>> Having a debt? Pay it off.

>> Credit cards are a big concern which can affect your FICO Score directly or indirectly (e.g. Balances should be kept low on credit cards to increase your FICO Score)

>> Don't open a number of new credit cards that you don't need, just to increase your available credit.

These easy tips would definitely fix your FICO Score and attract lender’s attention to your auto loan application. Now it’s time to wipe away the tears of your bad credit score and replace them with a smile of good FICO Score. When FICO Score is your best man, your dream car and auto loan will be your perfect partners.


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